We Built a Guitar-Drop!

GuitarDropWMRW5We got it into our heads to build a Teardrop type trailer. So we contacted a local company to order the basic parts. But once Nowell started putting the "Teardrop" shaped sides up he got the idea to make it a guitar shape. He is really not shy about taking on things he's never done before; his skill as a Luthier is extraordinary….If I do say so myself!

NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Nowell and I had kindof a slow and sad-ish Holiday Season in 2014. We were out of vacation time and missing our children and grandchildren. Practicing our music everyday always helps lift the spirit, but when you do this sometimes it's hard to see or hear the progress that you're making. So we decided to set up a computer to record video and Nowell rigged up our audio with a single mic to practice with. In the meantime I'd heard about the Tiny Desk Concert Contest on NPR and thought …why not?


On Your Wings - The Seagulls Story

LTM Websize Art On your wings CD cover oil painting

Annette & Nowell aka The Seagulls met in 1979 at the Rainbow Festival in the White Mountains of Arizona playing music around campfires. After continually running into each other at a festival filled with hundreds if not thousands of people. We heeded the message that fate, destiny or whatever you'd like to call it. Traveling back to California we made the pairing official in 1981. Building a life together we moved to rural Oregon to make a Log house and a few kids.


Scott Tichenor - Mandolin Cafe

NAMM is an exciting, tasking, inventive, and noisy experience. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people in person you’ve only emailed or talked on the phone with. Such was the opportunity to meet up with Scott Tichenor, the owner and webmaster of the Mandolin Café - home to all things Mandolin. He was kind enough to give me some of his time.
He’s taller than I imagined, very sweet, understated, and a knowledgeable person to talk with. He was there for the Café and the business contacts he meets, and also reports from a Mandolin point of view. Here are a few questions I sent his way while sitting down with him in the busy, crazy, world that is NAMM (Anaheim). Read More...

Portal Irish Music Week

Portal Instructors with LTM web effect

In the Spring of 2013, I got a strange and strong feeling pulling me to an music camp in Portal, AZ: Portal Irish Music Week. The place was remote and beautiful; the lineup of instructors was attractive and directed at Irish Music. I’d been bitten by the Irish mandolin bug and was looking for a place/person to go and get some help. Something about this little town with the big views was drawing me there.
Time marched on until October rolled around, Nowell (Luthier/husband) and I packed up and were on our way. Traveling on the I-10 headed east from LA is a somewhat unspectacular drive. So when arriving in Portal we were much relieved to find this little Store/Lodge as a welcoming destination. Attendees were coming in all day, with our first dinner together in the humble, wooded floor back room of the
Portal Peak Café.
To give you a better idea of this music camp/week and its creation, I talked with the founders and instructors for an inside glimpse at what makes Portal…well Portal.