On Your Wings - The Seagulls Story

LTM Websize Art On your wings CD cover oil painting

Annette & Nowell aka The Seagulls met in 1979 at the Rainbow Festival in the White Mountains of Arizona playing music around campfires. After continually running into each other at a festival filled with hundreds if not thousands of people. We heeded the message that fate, destiny or whatever you'd like to call it. Traveling back to California we made the pairing official in 1981. Building a life together we moved to rural Oregon to make a Log house and a few kids.

So now that our kids are having kids we’ve taken a leap back into the studio and recorded some songs we felt deserved it. Started our business - Living Tree Music / Luthier Shop in Southern California. We feel we’re a slice of life exemplifying what has happened or is happening to our generation. Having a son in the Army; a Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars; A single mom daughter; Annette a Cancer survivor, with an inherited gene mutation (Lynch Syndrome) and Nowell dropped from his corporate job. We’re coming out of the Great Recession with a new focus.
Most of our songs reflect our journey through life’s many paths we travel, different roads we’ve gone down, multi-adventures and relationships ups and down’s, it’s not always easy; Love has been the driving force to hold onto and gives us the strength to get through everything.
Singing together for over 30 years and playing on instruments Nowell made or restored. Asking each instrument to give its individual voice to our music. Sharing the vocals and instrument duties this is your ultimate DIY music project. No big production…just musicians/singer-songwriters /partners in a musical adventure! Soundcloud sampler

Digital Release 6/2014