Portal Irish Music Week

Portal Instructors with LTM web effect

In the Spring of 2013, I got a strange and strong feeling pulling me to an music camp in Portal, AZ: Portal Irish Music Week. The place was remote and beautiful; the lineup of instructors was attractive and directed at Irish Music. I’d been bitten by the Irish mandolin bug and was looking for a place/person to go and get some help. Something about this little town with the big views was drawing me there.
Time marched on until October rolled around, Nowell (Luthier/husband) and I packed up and were on our way. Traveling on the I-10 headed east from LA is a somewhat unspectacular drive. So when arriving in Portal we were much relieved to find this little Store/Lodge as a welcoming destination. Attendees were coming in all day, with our first dinner together in the humble, wooded floor back room of the
Portal Peak Café.
To give you a better idea of this music camp/week and its creation, I talked with the founders and instructors for an inside glimpse at what makes Portal…well Portal.