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Annette & Nowell owners of Living Tree Music

Nowell’s been making instruments since the 1970’s. Growing up in Southern California, he found himself hanging around the shops and learning techniques of Luthier greats Don Musser & David Russell Young.

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He’s made are as eclectic as himself, which include: Harpsichord, Bouzouki, Lute, Lyre, Psaltery, Dulcimer, Banjo, Fretless Bass (electric) Parlor guitar, Tenor guitar and the heart of his work the 6-string Acoustic guitar.

Restoration/Repairing -

Instruments is an art unto itself. It takes respecting, understanding the craftsmanship & to show little to no evidence that it has been repaired. We can help your ukulele or standup Bass; We're authorized to work on Taylor guitars and specialize in restoration/repairs of old/vintage instruments, such as Martin guitars and Gibson mandolins.
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What's with this appointment business!

We are a working Luthier shop and know you have a busy life. Giving you and your instrument our undivided attention is important; an appointment will do just that. No big retail music store here; don't get me wrong they can be great. Our focus is on making, restoring & repairing's what we do!
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Project/Parts pre-war Gibson mandolins

We’re always on the look-out for them.
Think of us as a rescue for old Gibson mandolins!
*As a historical note his grandfather was the great mandolin player Samuel Siegel.
Sound clip/info Samuel Siegel on the Mandolin


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